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So I started rewriting Daybreak over the summer, which has had its name removed but no a new one assigned. The first six and a half chapters are done (amazing progress, I know), but I have about a hundred other bits and pieces of different stories floating about my head, so I thought I'd just slap them down on the internet and see if that helped to sort everything out.

The Realm of Illyria:
                King Desmond Black is dead after seventy long years of serving and protecting his realm, Illyria. Having so sons and but one daughter, he is forced to marry her off to Alexander Rindheim, the only son of his most trusted advisor, Isaac. Until the two have been married and trained to command the kingdom, Isaac sits upon the throne as a steward. During his official naming as Protector, he was killed by an assassin. Following a chase throughout the city of Illuron, the daughter of the late King Black, Elizabeth, discovered that the assassin was working under orders from Alexander Rindheim. A brief confrontation resulted in the assassin's death, Elizabeth taking a bullet to her side, and Alexander successfully framing her for the murder of his father. Elizabeth, badly wounded, was chased to the river alongside the city, where men loyal to the Black family aided her escape to their hometown on the coast of Illyria.

                Alexander had himself crowned king and raised an army to destroy Elizabeth and her family's city. His forces fell to the awesome might of the Black Fleet the shield with which King Desmond had used to protect Illyria against foreign invaders. Alexander allied himself with Lady Alyss an age-old sorceress from the Spiral Mountains that had dwelled in the dark crags for several hundred years. Together, the two of them burned Black City to the ground, forcing Elizabeth and the rest of the city to flee to the Black's ancient fortress at Blackrock Island. With the Black nuisance nearly eliminated, Lady Alyss manipulated King Alexander to invade the Woodlands to the south home to thousands of tribes of woodland wizards and river nymphs. Jeffery Farrow, four-hundred year old leader of the Dark Wood Wizards, traveled to Blackrock Island to ally with Elizabeth, in hopes of joining their two powers against the greater whole.

                War has since become a normal aspect of Illyrian life. Elizabeth leads raids against Rindheim at every opportunity. The people misled by King Alexander's lies call them the Blackrock Pirates. Master Farrow leads his people against Lady Alyss' magical armies in the south, fighting where the forest meets the grey mountains. Meanwhile, the Black Fleet continues to protect Illyria from ambitious realms across the vast oceans. Word sometimes reaches Blackrock Island of the growing power of Raven's Port, where the Lord Redd constructs a navy ten times larger than the Black Fleet. But the worst news comes from across the world itself, where rumors of a plague that kills and raises its victims against the uninfected frighten even the boldest of soldiers.


    This one is a Sci-Fi story, where Earth has begun space colonization in the late 22nd Century. One of their colonies was Saracen VII, which was destroyed between shipments of supplies from Earth. The colony was destroyed by an alien race, the Lethicrons; scientists aboard the Lethicron vessel captured one human - a small child that they raised aboard their ship for observation and experimentation. The Lethicrons later attacked other Earth colonies, and a war began. The ship carrying the captured child was taken over sixteen years after Saracen VII, and the small child had grown into a hybrid of Human and Lethicron. Under the watchful eye of Doctor Melissa Hart, her medical assistants, and a pair of security officers, the Hybrid child aids the ongoing war against the Lethicrons by supplying information, whilst learning how to be Human.


    This is the story from which all other Medieval-themed stories I have ever come up with have originated from. There are several races of magical and non-magical creatures living across the planet. The Elves are in the Western Forests; Humans span across the globe in tight pockets of city-states and villages; Dwarves lie in two mountain ranges in the North and in the South; Fairies dwell among the southern coasts; Barbarian warriors plague the vast Northern ice. The story is centered around the human nation of Syren - the largest and most powerful city-state in the human realm. King Raymond of Syren was rebelled against by the Lord of the Badlands, Mortromok - in secret, a dark sorcerer that controlled vast armies of shadows and flame. King Raymond united the other city-states behind him, and with the allied power of the elves, defeated Mortromok at his fortress in the desert, at a cost - King Raymond's son was nearly killed, repaired by magic, but corrupted by the evil of Mortromok. However, nobody knew of his corruption until it was far too late...

    Prince Tiberius, son of Raymond, was given rule over the Badlands. For years after the defeat of Mortromok, Tiberius built up a secret army of shadows and assassins with which he could use to rise up against his father and take control of the Kingdom of Syren.

And finally, I Regret Nothing:

    This is a modified version of the original idea for Illyria where, essentially, the Rindheims are the good guys and the Blacks are the bad guys. King Alexander was rebelled against by several lords that had ruled under him. He fought against them but lost. As it turns out, Lord Black was the mastermind of the entire plot. Black has King Alexander's family killed in front of him, and forced him to travel "The Deathwalk" - a road across the Aridian Desert in the south, where ancient mysteries lurk about the dunes, preying on those sentenced to death by walking the Deathwalk. Alexander dies of exhaustion and dehydration whilst on the Deathwalk, but is resurrected by the Aridians - the desert folk from the ancient legends - that want him to lead their armies against Lord Black, who threatens there existence by expanding his rule south. From there on out, it becomes a game of violence and death in a struggle for Black to hold his power over the kingdom while Rindheim tries to kill the man that murdered his family and stole his kingdom from him. 

    There is one character, Alexander Olliander - a general under Lord Black, that is absolutely ruthless and capable of doing anything to win. He's the main reason I stick with this version.

So, there you have it. Four ideas that I've been mulling over for months. Any questions/comments are good. They make me think about the stories in different ways.

Stay classy.



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